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Pepe's Computers
SpeedMach I - JAZZ Project - Single Core, AMD K6-2 Class Desktop Computer.
SpeedMach II - LISA Project - Single Core, AMD Athlon XP Class Desktop Computer.
SpeedMach III - TABBY Project - Dual Core, Intel Centrino Duo Class TabletPC.
SpeedMach IV - BRANWEN Project - Quad Core, AMD Phenom Class Desktop Computer.

On Loan

Pinky - SONY VAIO (Intel Core2 Duo) Laptop.
Arturtle's Nanya Memory.

One of my favorite activities is building computers. It could be called a "hobbie", but since I use them mostly for my school work, it's also an enjoyable need. In this section I present you the computers that I've built (or bought) since I got involved with the computing world. Of course, I cannot forget another computer that provided me with my first steps in the gaming and programming world, an IBM PS/2 Model 25. Look around this section and you'll find some info about my computers and perhaps a few things that can help you somehow to solve some problems with your own computer.

- Pepe Ochoa, March 2009.

SpeedMach Mark I - JAZZ

SpeedMach Mark I - JAZZ is a Desktop Computer, built in 1998 around an AMD K6-2 Single Core Processor running at 333MHz.

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SpeedMach Mark II - LISA

SpeedMach Mark II - LISA is a Desktop Computer, built in 2003 around an AMD Athlon XP Single Core Processor running at 1917MHz.

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SpeedMach Mark III - TABBY

SpeedMach Mark III - TABBY is a TabletPC Computer, bought in 2006 and based on an Intel Centrino Duo (Core Duo) dual core processor running at 1.83GHz.

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SpeedMach Mark IV - BRANWEN

SpeedMach Mark IV - BRANWEN is a Desktop Computer, built in 2009 around an AMD Phenom Quad Core processor running at 2.6GHz.

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On Loan - PINKY

PINKY is a Laptop Computer, borrowed on 2012 after Tabby's malfunction. She's a SONY VAIO laptop with an Intel Core2 Duo processor running at 1.8GHz.

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