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Everybody needs some entertainment!

Drawing, Manga, Comic & Anime

I've been drawing since I was a child. Nowadays I keep drawing, and I started doing some colaborative work in the creation of a manga series.

My Manga and Comic Drawing Projects

In order to get the style of anime and manga, I also watch a lot of Anime.

My Favorite Anime Titles

List of all the Anime Titles I have seen

Anime I Want To Watch

Anime to ReDownload

I also read some manga titles.

Some Manga Titles I Read


I started playing drums in 1992, and today I keep playing some instruments. I also play bass, and I'm starting in the guitar. Sadly, I dropped learning sax... no time for that.


I also like photography, check the page.


I started wheelskating since very little, but around 1991 I bought my first pair of in-line skates. Nowadays, I keep practicing this sport.

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