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Anime Figures

Sites for Anime Figures

Animeca - OnLine Anime & Manga Figure Shop

Neko Magic

Anime Music

Anime Music Related Sites(Songs, Lyrics, Tabs)

Anime Chords

4- & 5-String Bass Tabs at KameTab

Josh's Anime Sheet Music Collection

Download Anime OSTs from Shinnoden.net

Download Anime Music from Nipponsei in Megaupload, at Blogspot

Also, download Anime Music Torrents of Nipponsei, at Nyaatorrents

Game and Anime Sheet Music at Ichigo's Sheet Music

Anime, Game and J-Pop Lyrics at Anime Lyrics

Ost. Music Anime


Anime Online

Watch Anime On-Line on these sites

Watch spanish-subtitled anime on-line at AnimeID

Watch anime on-line at CrunchyRoll. (Mostly Paid)

Watch free a few anime titles on-line at DAISUKI.

Watch anime on-line at KissAnime

Watch anime on-line at Lovely Anime

Watch anime on-line at WatchAnimeOn.com

Anime Related

Anime Related Sites

Anime news, ratings and Encyclopedia at Anime News Network

Watch upcoming anime charts in ChartFag

More upcoming anime charts at The Cart Driver

Interactive Seasonal Upcoming Anime Charts at AniChart.net

External Anime Indexing at Anime Freak TV

Russian site with lots of Haruhi Suzumiya goodies at SOS-dan.ru

News from the regions of otaku-fandom at moetron

Anime Torrents

Anime Torrents Sites

Browse anime torrents in AnimeSuki

Anime torrents in NyaaTorrents

Sailor Moon Anime & Manga torrents at Sailor Moon Center - Torrents Section

Various Anime Subbing Projects and Torrents at Mazui

Subbed anime at Coal Girls

Subbing Projects at Doki Fansubs

Download anime and manga torrents at BakaBT (Membership)

Various Anime Subbing Projects at Commie Subs

Anime Subbing Projects - Direct Download & Torrents at Hi10 Anime

Anime Subbing Projects Torrents at Hatsuyuki Fansubs

Anime Subbing Projects Torrents at Eclipse Production - Currently Hibernating

Anime Subbing Projects Torrents & Direct Downloads at ReTouched & Migoto - Molasses Subs

Anime Subbing Projects Torrents at GG

Character Design

Character Design Tools and Resources

Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality & Background


Comic Readers

Sites for Reading Comic Titles OnLine



Draw Artists

Homepages of Comic, Manga and other media artists.

Bobby Rubio's Site at Alcatraz High



Sanford Greene's CodeGreene

Howard M. Shum


Nao Shirahane - Snow ring*Dmyo - Draws Mirai Suenaga

Tasuku Iizuki - Draws Mirai Suenaga

Draw Training

Assorted sites for draw training

Draw random poses shown in PoseManiacs

Drawing Tools

Drawing Tools

Manga Drawing Paper


Fonts - Free and commercial typefaces.

Free and Commercial Comic and Manga Fonts at Blambot

Tons of free fonts at The Font Zone

Free fonts at Iconian Fonts

Lots of fonts at TutFont

Tons of fonts here.

Tons of fonts here.

Fonts to share in Font2S

Free fonts at Befonts

Free fonts at dafont.com

Fonts - Edition tools.

Commercial Font Creation and Edition Tools at FontLab

Fonts - Information and Learning

Typographer’s Glossary at Playtype™.

Fonts - Foundries

Adobe Type




Sites for Game Titles


Play Super Mario Games Online at SuperMarioBrothers.org

Tomb Raider

Games Related

Game Titles - Related Sites

LaraCroft.name - Info & Media from the Tomb Raider series

Official Tomb Raider Blog

Official Tomb Raider Fan Site - Tomb Raider Chronicles

Lara Croft wiki

Japan Resources

Japanese Language Resources

Denshi Jisho — Online Japanese dictionary — Online Japanese dictionary

Ultra Handy Japanese Verb Conjugator

Japanese Phrasebook

Japan Related Resources

Culture Japan


Manga - H

H Manga Scanlators and Sites


Life4Kaoru has Vanilla :9

Team Vanilla - Old Site

XCX Scans


GTeam @ Fakku

Manga Readers

Sites for Reading Manga Titles OnLine


Some Manga Titles - Direct Download at Crazy's Manga

MangaFox.com (Restricted a lot of titles recently)

Manga Here

Manga Reader

Download & Read Online Manga at Manga Share

Read online and download from bittorent or mediafire in MCAnime.net

Links to scanlation sites in One Manga

Manga Resources

Manga Resources

Japanese-to-English SFX Sound Effects Translations at The JADED Network

Manga Scanlators

Manga Scanlators Sites for specific manga titles

K-On! - Houkago Translations

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Saki Asakura NGE Site

Mysterious Girlfriend X - TKTranslate

Chiro-Chan at WakaChan.org - Volume 4 - Volume 5.

To Love-Ru Darkness at CXC Scans

Reading Flat Time (Flag Time/Pole?) at Yuri Project


Links for various mathematics topics.

Springer's Encyclopedia of Mathematics wiki.

Music - Bass Resources

Music - Cymbals

Cymbal Makers and Resellers


Istanbul AGOP





Buy cymbals at CymbalsOnly.com

Music Download

Download Music from These Sites

MP3 Downloads at beemp3

MP3 Downloads at Bomb-mp3

MP3 Downloads at MP3-CODES

MP3 Downloads at MP3Raid

MP3 Downloads at MP3Skull

Music - Guitar Resources

Guitar Resources

Guitar adjustment in Jose.gs

Guitar adjustment video in gibson.com

Music Resources

APM Music's MyAPM - Paid Music Tracks.

Tons of Royalty-Free Music at Incompetech

West One Music Group

Wikifonia - A place for musicians to publish and collaborate on lead sheets.

Music - Sax Resources

Music Theory

Sites with Music Theory and Related Resources

Music Theory & History Online at Dolmetsch

Name Research

Sites for Names Research - for use in some of my projects.

U.S. Name Statistics at MongaBay

Etymology and history of first names at BehindTheName.com

Photography - Reviews

Photographic Equipment Review Sites

Digital Photography Review at dpreview.com

Canon Camera & Lens Reviews at The-Digital-Picture.com

Photography - Stock

Stock Photography Sites

Corbis Images

Getty Images

National Geographic's Stock Image Collection

Science Photo Library at Photo Researchers

Programming - References

Programming Languages

MSDN Library

Web Plataforms

XPath Syntax @ W3C Schools - For DOM Browse in XML Documents

Mozilla Developer Network for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more.

Sound FX

This section links to sites that has downloadable sound effects and samples

Free Sound Effects at Sound Jay



Torrents browsing, search and downloading



KickAss Torrents


The Pirate Bay

TorrentBox (Includes detailed descriptions) Offline

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Sites for Something - Just a placeholder for more categories

Do something in Here


Personal References

Rainbow Wardrobe - A Guide to the Color-coded Jerseys on an Aircraft Carrier

Climbing in Australia - The Grampians

Gundam Girls

U.S. Army Fact Files - Equipment references.

Creative Uncut - Design & Concept Art Galleries

Eurocopter's Dauphin Helicopter

Featured FolkTales - Including the Demon Girls of Ujae, a tale from the Marshall Islands

Tokyo Fashion - Local Fashion, Ideas for Costumes


Other Unsorted Links!

W.I.T.C.H. Comics Scans

Various torrents at h33t.

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